Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CSA Week #4

While I've still got of last week's produce still kicking around, things should change this week as I fire up the dehydrator. I managed to use all but a few leaves of the boston lettuce in salads (soo yummy and pretty) and the previous week's romaine is long gone. The bananas were gobbled up and today I made a delicious and easy Apple and Pear Sauce. One pumpkin succumbed to a toddler's heavy hand (K knocked it down a few times, the skin split, and it rotted). Aside from that, we've got everything else left. I plan (yes, I've said it before) to catch up this week.

Speaking of which, here's what we got:

FrugalMaman's Fall CSA Box Week #4
Yams (2) 636 g
Mushrooms 101 g
Leeks (3) 345 g
Butternut Squash (1) 2.39 kg
Avocado (1) 223 g
Celery 654 g
Boston Lettuce 227 g
Arugula 125 g
Kale 359 g
Apples (10) 1.11 kg
Bartlett Pears (3) 489 g
Bananas (5) 929 g
Oranges (3) 385 g
Total - 7.98 kg

The very small oranges were a nice surprise and 2 of the 3 were consumed by F and I within minutes of them coming in the door. Also welcome is the arugula since I love its nutty flavour and would like some variety in my now daily green salad. The kale is green this week, not red and the pears are Bartlett not d'Anjou. We've got our requisite butternut squash (destined to join its brethren in the freezer), as well as apples (gala), and bananas.

My excitement over the oranges made me realise that my best efforts will go awry (am I mixing metaphors here?) once clementine season arrives. I think they're only grown in Morroco. They are one of my favourite fruits and as I said to DH, "I'm not made of stone."

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