About Me

I'm a SAHM of 2 young boys (F and K) & 2 cats, wife, part-time student, dedicated and proud Frugalista! Always looking for ways to save money, get back to basics, and live more sustainably.

I set out on this road because I wanted more for our family and had little money to do it with. This has meant doing more with less, becoming self-sufficient-ish, striving to frugalize wherever possible, all without sacrificing our quality of life. Along the way, I've found beauty in simplicity, and that being green and being thrifty go hand in hand. We're eating home-cooked meals with mostly local ingredients. We're growing our own food. We're reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in our home. Our lives are now more enriched than ever.

In this blog I will share what I'm learning and the resources I've found (including lots of recipes). I look forward to feedback from others who are pursuing a similar lifestyle.