Friday, October 16, 2009

3 Days Into Our CSA Box

So here we are on day 3 (which would have been day 4 had I picked the box up on time) of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box of organic food. Here's how much we've eaten our way through so far and where it's gone:

FrugalMaman's Fall CSA Box Week #1
3 red cubanelle peppers - 431 g bread and soup
2 onions - 521 g bread and soup
4 small potatoes - 435 g soup
6 beets - 558 g
5 carrots - 408 g bread and soup
2 heads of broccoli - 740 g soup
1 bunch of spinach - 421 g
1 small bag of salad greens - 159 g
1 extra large butternut squash - 3.5 kg
1 small bag of mushrooms - 136 g
7 apples - 869 g 2 eaten by the boys
5 pears - 435 g 2 eaten by the boys
5 bananas - 728 g eaten by the boys
Total Weight - 9.771 kg 6kg to go

That doesn't look so good, but if you consider that 3.5 kg is one butternut squash (which is destined for a delicious curried butternut squash peanut butter soup), and that I already currently have an enormous load of various types of local apples scattered about my kitchen from other sources, that's not too bad. I've made a cream of broccoli soup, two 2-lb loaves of "garden patch bread", and tonight made a roasted vegetable soup (which, to be fair, also included 5 peppers, an onion, and a large sweet potato all from a local grower and lovingly donated by my mother).

What will I do with the rest? The squash and about 4 apples will go into the above-mentioned soup. I'll make a salad from the spinach and greens. The beets will be roasted and eaten as a side dish. The remaining fruit will be eaten probably by the boys. The mushrooms: I don't know. I forgot to put them in tonight's soup, so I'm not sure.

I'll be posting recipes for any dishes I mention, but they may not go up right away. (I do have 2 very young children after all!)

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