Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beer Bread

Yesterday I baked a Beer Bread to take to a gathering we were attending. I just realised that I've never posted it on this site! I'll get a picture the next time I make it.

A few notes:
  • It's very easy (no kneading, no rising, minimal ingredients), and tastes phenomenal right out of the oven. 
  • Use the 1/2 cup butter (vs 1/4) - if you get 10 slices from your loaf, it's really not that much butter. 
  • I bake mine in a silicone bread pan and it just pops right out. No mess and the crust is deliciously crispy (from the butter).
  • Sooo yummy and you don't have to like beer to love it.
Beer Bread recipe on Food.com (formerly Recipezaar.com).

Gift Idea: Put all the dry ingredients in a large jar, attach the recipe, and a bottle of beer. The recipient only needs to provide the butter.

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